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Jellies in the Charles

​Honorable Mention (Bostonin100words, 2019)

The din of traffic rumbling over the Charlestown bridge rudely intruded into my lunch, but the breeze was cool off the Charles and I could see the masts on Old Ironsides just across the water. I leaned on the Harborwalk railing, exhaled and let my focus go soft. Looking down to lazily crumble my leftover sandwich crust into the water, I realized there wasn’t just traffic on the bridge. Hundreds of Moon Jellyfish pulsed just under the silver, rippled surface; drifting slowly, steadily to the ocean. Dime-to-foot diameter creatures trailing ragged strings, thrummed in a quiet, ordered chaos.

Chandreyee Lahiri, 47 Years old,
North End.

Ilustration: Natalie Mak.

Boston in 100 words: Work
Boston in 100 words: Work

About 'Boston in 100 words'

This annual flash fiction writing contest in the greater Boston metropolitan area aims to represent and build community while bringing literature and art to people. Modeled on this contest that started in Chile in 2001,this program shares posters of winning stories along with original art inspired by each story throughout the greater Boston subway systems. Posters can be found on station and platform walls as well as inside the trains.

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