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Story Telling

Chandreyee has been performing in Story telling shows (in the tradition of 'The Moth') for a while. This form of performance art revolves around sharing true, personal stories in the first person, within a prescribed amount of time (each show has it's own but 6 minutes is average). Stories must have an 'arc' and the teller, an engaging style of 'telling'. Most shows have themes and either invite tellers, or audition people based on pitches submitted.

Story Telling: Text

Some performances

Stories From the Stage

'Stories from the stage' is an award winning series on the WORLD channel recorded in front of a live audience (at WGBH, Brighton) then broadcast online as well as on TV on the WORLD channel in most US states. Watch it here (she is 3rd in this episode.)

Suitcase Stories

'Suitcase Stories®' is produced by the International Institute of New England (IINE) and features foreign- and US-born residents sharing powerful and inspiring stories of refugee and immigrant life. Featured nationally on PBS, Suitcase Stories® exposes the complexity of immigrant experiences through entertaining and informative real-life stories. Watch Chandreyee tell her story here.

Listen to your mother

'Listen to your mother' presents true stories of motherhood staged annually in 50+ cities in the USA. Stories are carefully cast and curated. Chandreyee's piece, 'First Unborn' was a gloves-off look at miscarriage in the 2014 Boston performance. The show was held at historic Old South Church in Copley Square, Boston. Watch it here

Voices (by Off Kendrik)

Voices presents true Stories of South Asian Immigrant experiences biennially in the greater Boston area. It is produced by the Boston theater group Off Kendrik.

GRIT: Podcast

GRIT is a weekly podcast about stories and the people that craft and tell them. GRIT founder Sean Wellington converses with storytellers to help listeners craft and tell better, more engaging, more relatable and more memorable stories (that matter!). Listen to him and Chandreyee discuss her process and 'emotional spice'.

GRIT: 7 by 7

Produced by Sean Wellington, '7 by 7' presents emotionally honest journeys into the problems, struggles and challenges faced by the tellers. Watch Chandreyee, at the 1:05:46 mark, talk about almost taking her own life.

Storied Nights

Produced by storyteller Linda Grosser, the 'Storied Nights' show in Newton Highlands on July 22, 2021 was themed 'It's about time'. Watch Chandreyee's story about jury duty (at the 47:10 min mark).

Rise up (MLK day)

Melanin Stories Matter is a storytelling program that showcases the impact of racism on the everyday lives of BIPOC* through individual. Chandreyee's micro-story 'Amish Cow Shed' was featured in the episode  named 'Rise up' on Jan 18th, 2021, Martin Luther King Day. Watch it here .

Stories from the stage StorySlam: Giving

This special edition of 'Stories from the Stage' had six all-star storytellers from throughout the U.S. sharing personal stories on the theme “GIVING” in honor of the holidays. Hosted by Wes Hazard, a People’s Choice winner was declared at the end of the evening. Chandreyee did not win but if you are a close friend or family and would like to watch her story please email her at this address and she will send you a private link.

Story Telling: Work
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