Chandreyee Lahiri

Writer, story teller & GIS Specialist.

Originally from Kolkata, India, Chandreyee grew up in different cities around the world, immigrated to the U.S.  25-ish years ago and and has called Massachusetts 'home' for most of that time. She lives in Waltham with her husband and teen son.

( GIS - Geographic Information Systems )


Upcoming event


Storytelling Slam

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Program blurb: A special edition of 'Stories from the Stage' with six all-star storytellers from throughout the U.S. sharing personal stories on the theme “GIVING” in honor of the holidays. Then YOU get to vote for your favorite. A People’s Choice winner will be declared at the end of the evening.

This virtual event is hosted by Stories From the Stage's Wes Hazard. Gather around the screen and enjoy stories of giving with your loved ones. Tickets support GBH.




Boston One City One Story

'Dumba Chora' was selected as the 2021 Boston Book Festival's all-city read through the 'One City One Story' contest. More about this program here.

Boston in 100 Words

'Jellies in the Charles' earned an Honorable Mention in the 2020 'Boston in 100 words' contest. All the winning stories were exhibited throughout the Boston Subway system

The Return (translation

'The Return' is Chandreyee's  translation of the Bengali short story 'Phera'  by Mahua Sen Mukhopadhyay for the Tagore Translation contest run by the literary magazine 'Antonym' in 2021. It won 3rd place. Watch the announcement video.


Story telling


Chandreyee has been performing in Story telling shows (in the tradition of 'The Moth') for a while. This form of performance art revolves around sharing true, personal stories in the first person, within a prescribed amount of time (each show has it's own but 6 minutes is average). Stories must have an 'arc' and the teller, an engaging style of 'telling'. Most shows have themes and either invite tellers, or audition people based on pitches submitted


Blog: Silver linings, cloudy days

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Chandreyee has a blog that is dormant, but not dead. In it, she chronicles her son's early years, adventures and insights from commuting to work in Boston and forays into memories of her child hood. The focus tends to be on the small things that we overlook but are precious.


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